Survival Food: Doomsday Preppers Review

A natural disaster, if you are fortunate enough to not have had to survive one, count yourself lucky. However, have you ever thought what it would be like, really be like to survive one, some have wondered and are prepared, and they want to share with you some important survival information.

There are a group of people that believe everyone should be prepared, for any type of disaster. Whether natural, like an earthquake, tornado or any other major disaster that could happen, even a government disaster. These people call themselves Doomsday Preppers. They will be ready for any situation and think that you should be too.

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What Are Survival Caches?

In the event of a disaster, of any kind, a survival cache may be the difference between survival or not. When you think of storing away commodities for emergencies, you think basement or garage. But think of the scenario, where your house has been swept away by flood or earthquake, and you cannot get to those stored supplies. The plan then would be to find the hidden stash of food in your cache.

A different frame of mind may tell you that it is a better idea to store lifesaving food and equipment at many other locations. Survival Caches are containers that have been stored, prior to the cataclysm, in various locations. This may be an easier thing to do if you are near the woods or barren land, urbanites may have to come up with some other creative ideas.

What And How Do You Cache?

The first important decision is to find containers that will last and keep the food or survival gear clean, safe and secret. Among the different types of containers are the pelican cases, these are the cadillac versions of containers. They are watertight, airtight, can’t be crushed and some higher end models have pressure valves.

Depending where you will store them after they are filled, will depend on the type of container. If you are using big plastic or metal trash cans, you can put them just about anywhere and no one will think they have anything valuable. If you are caching them in a garage or barn, you may be able to use old suitcases, just pallet the bottom and tarp the top.

The list goes on, if you have used ammo cans, they work well if they are airtight. Vacuum bags and food storage buckets are a good choice, they can be stored in a more organized fashion and will keep the food from freezer burn, and snacks free from bugs and getting stale.

How Do You Think You Would Fare In A Disaster?

If you have a few fail safe ideas figured out, it may help you keep your head and think more clearly. Prioritize in your mind what the basic necessities will be. Will you search for a shelter or search for water first? How about food and medical supplies, and what about heat and or fire.

The answer to these questions can be as diverse as the type of location you are in when a disaster hits. At this point the Expert Prepper will have a game plan to have these decisions made beforehand. And they will also have their defense weapons and a way to communicate close at hand.

What Is A Family Survival System?

A family survival system or plan is one that the whole family is aware of, they each have a bug out bag, or a bug in bag and will know the signal and codes that they will look for, when a disaster strikes. They will know where a pre-discussed meeting place will be, and the secret word that they can be certain, the family has left them the messages.

The family will also know where each survival cache is and how many days’ provisions are in each, and also which ones have survival gear and weapons. These Expert Preppers will also have a survive food crisis plan as well.

How Do I Get More Information?

The Preppers have all of the information and step-by-step plans to get you and your family ready for doomsday. They have covered just about every detail, in detail. Things like survival rules for water, how to sanitize it and how to catch and store it. Building a fire, they can show you several different ways to build a fire.

One way to use it to cook, and another way to build the fire underground so no one can see it. If you find yourself stranded out in the woods they have tips for finding and catching food. Tips for eating grubs and worms to rabbits and birds, how to make the trap, and how to clean them and cook them.

There are also instructions for how to start a garden and raise rabbits for food if you will be establishing a permanent place to live in the wild. For more information, go online and search for doomsday preppers or expert preppers.

You will find much more information and manuals that discuss everything from disaster scenario play to living off the grid, solar power to clean water.

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